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Ryon's LiveJournal

v10.0: Spring

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My screen name is so old. So is that interests list below.

I'm really boring, but I can be pretty interesting too. It depends.
42, acura, adobe indesign, adobe photoshop, aesthetics, agnosticism, aluminum, apple, architecture, arguing semantics, argyle, arizona, barenaked for the holidays, basurake, bill bryson, björk, blue, books, bottled water, bt, calvin and hobbes, center city, cheese, christopher walken, coldplay, computers, dance dance revolution, dave eggers, david bowie, diesel, dilbert, domo-kun, douglas adams, electronica, elegance, elitism, engrish, eric clapton, extravagance, fatboy slim, firefox, fleurons, fonts, gaudiness, gavin degraw, gay, geeks, get fuzzy, gilmore girls, gmail, goo goo dolls, good design, grammar naziism, graphic design, green day, h&m, hellogoodbye, homsar, honda accord coupe, hyphenation, ice cream, imdb, imogen heap, introversion, italian food, jack's mannequin, jeff beck, kanye west, kenneth cole, kirby, language, lemonade, ligatures, logos, mac, mae, missy elliott, money, mountain dew, mozilla firefox, mtv, nice things, opentype, optical mice, orange juice, orange mountain dew, ornaments, paul oakenfold, plaid, polo shirts, powerbooks, pretentiousness, quiznos, red mountain dew, reference books, relient k, remixes, run lola run, satire, semantics, shoes, sleeping, small caps, socks with sandals, sony, spanish, stand-up comedy, sufjan stevens, swash caps, tacos, textism, the academy is..., the chemical brothers, the crystal method, the daily show, the gap, the matrix soundtrack, the name ethan, the name roxanne, the postal service, thinkgeek.com, trillian, typography, undershirts, urbn, veer, verbing nouns, vivaldi's winter, wacom, web standards, wikipedia, wilco, wild berry skittles, wired magazine, words, you